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2016 . 10 . 21 . 16:25
- Textual Reverence link was busted. Don't know when or how, but it has been repaired.


2016 . 07 . 06 . 15:31
- Descent is available for purchase as a physical book.  You can buy it here.  Alternatively, you can buy it here.  If you buy it from me instead of createspace, it costs 2 dollars more, but will come with a hand written note from me inside the back cover with a signature.  It will also come with a free ebook version.

- A new blog with sections for pretty much everything I do artistically is live here.

- A new version of the Symphony of Noise website is now live.


2016 . 06 . 01 . 01:02
- Descent is available for purchase.  I made a page specifically for it, and the text section is updated to buy the book straight from there, as well.  I am not doing Amazon until maybe 2017. I enjoy seeing where all the hits and referrals come from. It helps me know which approaches are working.

- SHOT IT ALL is back. Found a way I like, though not as perfect as I had in mind previously.  Problem with how I was thinking of doing it previously was every single image would take a few minutes of work to post online.  That wasn't ever happening.  So I'm trying a more simple approach.

- is live and will be updated extensively over the upcoming months. That is all I have to say on this one.

- Pondbrain is getting a heavy revision, as well as an additional website address. That should hopefully be done relatively soon, compared to other shit I've said was coming that never came.


2016 . 05 . 16 . 10:45
- First novel by Erik J Smith named "Descent" will be distributed to people who pre-purchased it by the end of June. To pre-purchase, visit this page. It will be the unedited version, as paying for a professional editor seems like it will never happen. But baby steps are still feeling good right now.

- If you want to take part in the group proof reading Descent for the unedited release, email me.

- Text section of 'buy all the things' updated with new Descent information.


2016 . 02 . 04 . 19:11
- Been doing a bunch of little touch up here and there through the remaining websites. 


2015 . 11 . 05 . 0931
- Goodbye, Symphony of Noise. Here's an unreleased gem I'm proud of that never made it to anything. Aging Never-was.


2015 . 08 . 28 . 0218
- Make sure to check out the Buy All The Things page sometime soon, it'll have links and information about things like my Soraya series. It's a short story series about a girl who lives among the society underneath the surface of the earth. She gets a two week vacation and ends up spending it trying to get as much sexual tension out of her system as possible.

2015 . 08 . 27 . 1611
-Changed the graphic on the main pondbrain page. Heard some feedback from an old friend who asked me what I did with all the stuff linked from pondbrain. He asked me why I only had a news feed on the page. So I decided to make it easy easy easy.

2015 . 07 . 25 . 0116
-Feels strange getting back into the self advertising game. I had done it hardcore from 2001-2004. Casually after that to 2008 and essentially gave up in 2009. I attempted passing it off to someone who had been trying to convince me she would make a great manager. She said she would take a few weeks to see if she could figure out how to properly advertise someone's stuff, get their name out there and such. Three months later, not a single change on any social media platform, I cut her out entirely and started researching myself. Now that I'm setting up the framework I want to make it easier to launch everything, it just feels wrong. I've sniffed around, offering people 30% of all future sales of everything from my music, paintings, graphical and web design work, writings and anything else that comes up. And considering there are a lot of ways you can essentially automate most of that, I think that's quite high. And people in the music business alone tell me that's insanity and I should cut that figure in half. So, if you feel like you could actually be useful and would like a percentage based job, email me and let me know why you're the right person to trust with a ton of access to all that is me.

2015 . 07 . 23 . 0220
- Baby is 3 months old. Various changes happening on Textual Reverence, including publications landing on Amazon. First EP for HATE ALL LISTENERS is available from here. Will be made available everywhere else on Sep 6th. That's the same date the first single for INFINITE MACHINE called WATCHED HIM DIE will be available on the Symphony of Noise page on Invisible Soul Records' website. May have noticed a GoFundMe turn up. The image is located on several pages. It ran for a couple months and after getting deeply fucking sick of hearing what felt like 1 in 10 people who heard about it scold me for fucking begging for money, or otherwise berating me for putting one up for the same or far better reasons I've seen all too many times, just drove me to take the fucker down and dig into the little bit of sleep I was able to get to multiply my efforts to try and make money. As I predicted, Beth's plan for funding this adventure of hers was quite short.

2015 . 03 . 28 . 1619
- So, I've clearly been neglecting this. I noticed while I was swishing around what's on pondbrain, this page hasn't been fucking touched, even though there's been a fuckload of activity.

2015 . 01 . 24 . 1910
- I've given up on trying to do the web design side of things. Too many "Hell yeah I would love that" turns into testing on various platforms, all working. Then "Oh yeah I should check on iWare." OH FUCK, DOESN'T WORK! WHY!?!?!?!? *researches* ....... Really? Not one but several different things I used aren't supported? Get the fuck out of here. So, I'm going to go with shit that other people develop and just do graphic work and post shit that way. Fuck it. Honestly, when 1 platform of literally dozens doesn't work, but has millions of users.... Really fucking sucks.

So, I'll be transitioning every single site into a simple yet functional format. Like every other fucking website out there. Same shit. Ahh well. Thanks, Apple.

2015 . 01 . 09 . 0815
- Many ninjas are coming. The first one is here. - it is my new dream blog. I've been told by people my whole life, I have some pretty fucked up dreams. I should scribble them down. So, after a rather crazy dream last weekend, I started one. To my surprise, I have vivid dreams often apparently as I've had one every single night since. Also, I hope to have my first book called "Descent" done by the end of Feb. Time is ticking, and I may take until the end of may. I just want to do another album, with far far more work put into it than the last one, by the end of the summer.

2014 . 11 . 30 . 14:28
- It's cute I thought I had the rough draft finished. I don't. Still expanding. Still haven't gone back for a second pass to dress it up. They say the first draft is the writer telling the story to themselves. The second pass is telling the story to the world. And considering when I started rewriting the first chapter, the first 2 paragraphs turned into 3 pages, I believe that. But I remembered a lot I wanted to do and went inserting chapters like crazy. Who knows, maybe I'll split it up into 3 books?

2014 . 10 . 06 . 20:07
- This year I started writing a book. I kicked higher into gear the last few months and last night I finished the rough draft.

The beginning is loosely based on a period of partying I lived through with creative editing. In the middle it takes a turn to science fiction. The last half is based on the turn and is loosely based on recent years of my life, excluding the conclusion.

2014 . 08 . 23 . 18:01
- Slapped a page on my The Heavens Fall site I could spend months expanding vastly. It has a tidy place for all my NIN related projects to sit.

2014 . 08 . 05 . 22:50
- Atlas of Fuckery is live on Facebook. Just a facebook creation at the moment, though I'm pondering expanding it outwardly to Tumblr, Twitter, it's own image gallery, for a start. It is an outlet for a massive amount of imagery ranging from scenery, women, art, screenshots, pieces of graphic design work, my own photographs to any number of funny shit i've hit save on over the years. Before I said a word about it to anyone I threw a few hundred pics up to start with for anyone I showed it originally to lose some time scrolling through. We'll see how that goes.
- Update to the Pink Poodle website's menu. Printable menu probably coming this year sometime. Or next year. Or the year after.

2014 . 06 . 21 . 19:05
-SYMPHONY OF NOISE website is now live.  Well, it was a few days ago.  And I have a huge post to write on pondbrain about the adventure Bill and I went on.  Apache trail, the mile and a half wide tornado we took shelter from a few miles from Beaver Crossing on 5.11.14, and so much more.  So much fun.  Sorry I neglect this feed.  New album is being worked on for release on October 31st. Might have a full novel done by the end of 2015.  Not to mention fuck knows what else.  Stay tuned!

2014 . 03 . 30 . 01:26
- After a discussion I decided to go with a website style I REALLY liked back in 2012.  It will not work on iPhones, but I don't give a fuck at all about that now.  The more time passes that they remain lacking such vast function compared to every single other hand held type, the less I give a fuck about that 10-20% market share, depending on who's figures you're looking at.  But mixed with their fucking idiot fanboys and the fact they're slowly and surely losing fanfare the last couple years...  Fuck them.  I'm fucking done taking them into consideration.\

If you want more information on the conversation that tipped the scale on this subject for me, here you go.

2014 . 03 . 09 . 21:58
- Altered code on various pages across the entire website group.  There was an issue with ancient browsers which caused an outline around linked images.  I guess not an issue - just an overlooked old 'feature.'  So now they should all show without border as intended. 

- New album by Symphony of Noise posted here.

2014 . 01 . 01 . 17:08
-happy birthday, calendar!

-Regarding the lack of anything showing up around christmas or new years:  My inspiration shifted towards writing and the time I could have been working on music I've been working on a book.  I still have been making some music but there's not enough for anything at all really.  Not an EP, anyway.  But I still have a lot of music in my head I've been getting out in small increments.  Hopefully it'll ramp up more often.  I've set dates where I'll throw together an EP if I have to to release things on those dates.  They are posted on the Symphony of Noise main page.  I need to work in the Demo-graphy and NIN 03 into the nav of the pages soon.  I still need to post the cover art for Demo-graphy also. 

Plenty out there for all of us to keep busy with, too.  I've dropped 198 hours into Skyrim since last I posted too.  That's enough for at least a decent EP of music.  I would apologize but that was a great experience. 

-also I tweaked the size of the pondbrain link that is present on the majority of web pages I run.  the graphic is now roughly half the size it used to be to address concerns of it getting in the way of some nav here and there.  Sorry about that to anyone it's annoyed.

2013 . 11 . 08 . 01:22 has a new post in the news feed.

2013 . 11 . 08 . 01:05
to answer some questions:

. are you going to for sure have an album done by the end of the year?
- i'm going to certainly try. and hopefully it's not just a handfull of shit i thought i hated but after a few listens of what got slapped together, found minimally agreeable. hopefully sixteen tracks or so. something respectable, with no more than 3 under 3.5 minutes long.
. will you feed me when you update the blog?
- no. that's a lot of dreamweaver.
. why the fuck did you unfriend me?
- i went from 260ish friends down to 70. this was because i'm really sick of tip toeing around all the time. there were quite a few friends, over ten, that would freak out a lot for no fuckin reason. a lot of others who would always either get into arguments with me for no reason - which is fine, but when the other side wasn't open to any sort of new information or impossible to agree with and just looking to get me to believe shit i could easily provide dozens of counter points to and impossible to believe (not even about religion.) .... no. it's time for you to fuck directly off. don't take it personally if you've never fit the previous description. as a safety measure i cut out anybody even remotely fitting this mold. you could call it me putting myself in a happy little bubble much like the majority of americans seem to keep themselves in these days. i get sick of seeing all these fucking people only surrounding themselves with the brand of information they want to hear, and repeating that to anybody or anything that disagrees while refusing to listen at all to anything that even slightly disagrees. and it's fucking rampant. no.
. why can't i download all the music anymore?
- you kind of can. just not from here. links are on no, i won't ever be hosting all the MP3s from here again. Only in between posting them and putting them up on the services linked.
. when can i buy your cds again?
- not too sure. looking at things more interesting than cds, though . stickers, decks of cards again (with new graphics) - decals, and much more interesting things.
. ur a fag
- yes. i know. thank you.

2013 . 11 . 04 . 23:32
there have been updates on  - a new NIN "remix" cd got posted and a new Symphony of Noise EP.  Hopefully I'll have a full album done by the end of the year.  I keep updating just before bed.  What the fuck.

2013 . 10 . 25 . 23:54
another sparky post. slight change to image above. i'm thinking about redoing the left menu.  it's pointless to have all that trash in the same line as the cool shit, even if the cool shit IS a bigger font. whatevs.

2013 . 10 . 24 . 23:44
second post on sparky's chronicles added.

2013 . 10 . 23 . 23:13
hey look. a fucking feed for all the sites?  no way.  textual reverence . other menu has a pulse. black book is looking like it has a ton which needs added. soon.

and uhh, on the fucking NIN 03 that i meant to post weeks ago is up.  my bad.  i'm a fucktard.


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